Friday, August 12, 2011

summer lists: boys edition!

We only have one more month of summer, can you believe it? As promised, I asked some more friends for their summer lists. Here's what a few of my best guy friends had to say...

Perry's list:
- Write more screenplays
- Pick up on surfing (he's from Newport Beach, CA!)
- Take more photos

Dan's list:

- Read Radetzkymarsch (and more books in general)
- Go to the Red Bulls v. Galaxy match
- Buy a briefcase in chocolate or cognac

Justin's list:
- Make a good first impression at work
- Start going to yoga classes at least 1x per week
- Figure out what it means to have a boyfriend

Stephen's list:

- Learn to play scales on the harmonica
- Finish final two CPA exams
- Try to relax before work starts in September

Thanks for your lists, boys! I'm going to be checking in on your progress.. fair warning :)

PS: Check out the previous summer lists post.



  1. Love. Especially the briefcase to-do.

  2. Helen! I can't believe you are working on Essie, that's amazing! Glad to hear you had a good week dear, too bad I had to bail so I didn't get to see you :(...



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