Thursday, July 7, 2011

your summer to-do lists

Heading off to Europe tomorrow, but be back in a jiffy! Before I go, I wanted to ask: do you have a summer to-do list? Any specific projects or tiny wishes to carry out before September? Big or small, I'd love to hear! I asked a few of my friends, and here's what they shared:

Eunsan's list:
- Purchase a venus fly trap
- Learn how to cook macaroons
- Make more gourmet mac & cheese

Alex's list:
- Start a baking blog
- Pick up on boxing again
- Volunteer at horse stables in Long Island

Little sis Jessica's list:
- Memorize a Debussy song on the piano
- Finish reading the entire Bible
- Be less stressed about starting high school

And lastly, my summer list:
- Make progress on sewing
- Learn 3+ traditional Chinese dishes from mom
- Write more letters & thank-you notes

Hearing everyone's amazing goals and wishes = so fun. I challenge you to ask 5 friends for their list. You'll love the surprise/motivation/inspiration that will follow! (PS: It's no coincidence that all of the pictures above have food in them. My intense crab-eating action photo is from last summer. I love me some om nomz.)

I'll be posting up some more summer lists from friends, until the summer ends. Hope you enjoy this new installment!


  1. This is so fun and it made me think of what I'd like to do before summer is over... One for sure is have a picnic, then hopefully make it to the shore to watch the sunrise and sunset, then finally at some point make a scrap book of college memories!

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  3. Loving the inspiration.for my foodies :)

  4. I love these summer lists. I've definitely got a few things in my noggin that I need to get on. First: LEARN TO RIDE A BIKE. Pathetic.

    Have fun in Europe!! Bisous!

  5. Have an awesome time in Europe! I adore plants ... having a venus fly trap would be awesome! :)
    ♥ Cat brideblu

  6. You can send me a letter! ;)
    I love seeing people's to-do lists like this. I made mine here:

  7. such a fun post :) I think visiting the beach is still on my to do list and visit Scotland :)

    Love, Vanilla

  8. Ahhh! Have so much fun, my travel doppelganger!

  9. you really chose the most flattering picture of me for this post :P

  10. These summer to-do lists are just so great! I'm creating mine soon. Plenty of time, right?

  11. Love the lists! Mine would include: 1) sleep more 2) read more 3) get a tan (even though its super bad for you)

  12. aw, i like this post idea! looking forward to them!

  13. i like this post! today i completed one of my own summer goals, to sit an exam i needed to take for work before july 15! and i passed it :)


  14. Back in Europe, eh? Can't wait to hear about it!

    I've been drafting my very tactical to-do lists: Brooklyn Cyclones, outdoor movies, Sandy Hook, etc. But if I were to throw in some more personal goals, they would be:

    - try a new dance class
    - make more phone calls to friends
    - learn some new makeup tricks (!)

  15. This list is an awesome idea; I bet you are having great fun on your holiday! :)

    The Cat Hag


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