Tuesday, July 13, 2010

choptank + yummy crabs!

Friends, please indulge me and make a visit to Choptank if you haven't yet been. The seafood is delicious -- I worked up a sweat munching on these crabs, they were that good! Also, my meal arrived later than my friends' so my sweet waiter decided to take it off the bill, which was unbelievably kind. Restaurants in New York usually have pretty great service, but this is definitely my all time best customer service experience, no doubt. I was so touched. Have you ever had a similar experience?


  1. I have got to remember not to read your blog late at night! I always end up craving things I can't possibly find in Orlando at 1:05 am! Those look delish.

  2. How cool! I have never been to any place like this, the crabs look yummy!

  3. nice! choptank is definitely on my list and what a great customer service gesture :-)


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