Wednesday, August 17, 2011

entrepreneurship 101 (with saucy commentary)

An NYU friend just asked for my recommendation on books for aspiring entrepreneurs, so I thought I'd share it with you awesome readers, in case you were wondering as well! The books I like are great for their fantastic advice and real-life, personal anecdotes, but they're also more importantly fun to read. You don't have to have a plan to start a business to enjoy them! Here are my best of the best (with commentary from yours truly).

Or, "Do Your Research, Or Take Your Idea Off Of That Pedestal"
Tagline: If they don't get it in 3 sentences, you can fuggetaboutit.

Or, "Life Guide for the Lazy and Ambitious"
Tagline: Hard work doesn't actually pay off if you're all over the place.

Or, "Become a Social Media Expert Or Die Trying"
Tagline: Seduce thy audience with thy twitter account.

Or, "The Art of the Hustle: Help Others Help You Without Being a A$$hole"
Tagline: WTF is networking? Here's the handbook.

Cheesy taglines or not, I crack myself up sometimes :)

PS: An inspiring video on entrepreneurs changing the world


  1. Helen, as usual..YOU ARE AMAZING! These look like interesting reads to say the least, and I adore your alternative titles!

  2. Great list - I think these are great for everyone, not just entrepreneurs to read. I'm keen to read The 4-Hour Workweek. But the Made to Stick cover is brilliant!

  3. you're so cute! haha. love your saucy commentary! I think Made to Stick sounds like one I might be interested in...


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