Sunday, April 10, 2011

a million french memories

After 8 days, we are back in NYC from Paris! And I feel so grateful. First, a huge thank you to Danone for hosting us for 3 nights. (And a big pat on the back to my team for staying an extra 4 nights.) Second, a hearty merci to Paris for being so sunny (in the 60-70s all week) and our fellow Danone Trust international friends who were awesome. Truly, every day was a complete joy. Lastly, thanks to "my boys" Justin, Carlos, Paul, and Dennis for being such great teammates, travel companions, and friends. As for Paris -- I will be back!!! Je t'aime, xoxo

PS: Check out us Danone students performing a flash mob at the Louvre! (You'll find me spinning in blue.)


  1. Angelina! And Amorino! Place Stravinsky! Great photos, you were so lucky with the weather! Paris is the best. Thanks for taking me there via pics!

  2. looks fabulous, SO fabulous!! great stripey dress on you and i LOVE escargots! glad you had a good trip and got back safely. i can't wait til i can go and eat lots of macaroons too :-)

  3. thank you lovelies!!! It was such a fun trip. I now seriously want to live in Paris!!! It was so sad to come back to NYC, no matter how much I love it.... Paris is just so dreamy :)

  4. Sigh. Looks like a lovely and delicious time in Paris!!


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