Wednesday, April 6, 2011

when in paris...

... Eat like a Parisian! I've got to say again,  the French really do cheese the best (mmm, fromage)! I love that French food in Paris is not too expensive, unlike authentic French food in New York :) Other things that I never eat but have thoroughly enjoyed on this trip: foie gras, escargot, macarons, veal. Any other recommendations, dear friends? I'm here in Paris until Sunday - feeling so incredibly lucky!

PS: I agree with this!

(photo via cup of jo)


  1. Frog legs!! You won't regret it :)


  2. Nutella banana crepes (inexpensive and oh so good)!

    Also, I know this is not authentic French but there is this little Moroccan restaurant in the 3rd I feel like you would love. It's called le 404, it has a really unique and intimate atmosphere. Was a huge hot spot when I was there but I'm not sure if it's past its prime...I"m sure it still has AMAZING food though. Have so much fun I'm jealous!


  3. You must, must, MUST go to a cafe in Montmartre called Le Relais Gascon. It has AMAZING food (especially salads) for cheap (well, relatively are in Paris, after all). And the view is charming and oh-so-Parisian. If you're in the neighborhood (heck, even if you're not!), it is definitely worth a visit :)

    Have a lovely time! How I wish I was in Paris right now!

  4. ohhh that looks so so good!! also baguettes are a must!


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