Wednesday, September 19, 2012

life lately... august recap

Hi lovelies! I'm still reeling at the fact that it is past mid-September. While I love autumn, I'm feeling bittersweet about summer passing by so quickly. This August marked my 1 year anniversary at work, which made me reflect on both how much I've grown and learned, as well as how fast time flies when you're working!!! So here's a little recap of my life through August and early September... captured by Instagram (my obsession). It's important to me to remember the little blessings in life, so I'm going to get as detailed as I can (don't mind the rambling)!

Food Fair, Brunches, and Gelato...
August was definitely a foodie month. Jen (a blog friend turned real friend) and I went to the Brooklyn food fair Smorgasburg to try as much food as we could consume (like the fried rice with egg above). I also had Sunday brunch every week at places like Veselka (a neighborhood favorite --see how big those pancakes are above?), Linen Hall (beautiful ceilings), and Cafe Minerva in the West Village, which I love for their delicious french pressed coffee :) And of course, you can't keep me away from Gelato ti Amo, the gelato & sorbet place next door -- I probably go there at least once a week! Luca (the owner) is a friend, and it's always nice to have neighbors who are really great people too.

Washington D.C. Trip...
First weekend of August, I went to visit one of my best friends Anna in D.C. (again). We hung out with Jill and Audrey (two girlfriends from our high school) and Katie (Anna's sorority "little"), and it was such a blast. I had no idea that D.C. could be SO hot in the summer (it was almost 100 degrees that weekend!), but we had a great time enjoying Jazz in the Garden, a Nationals baseball game, walking through Georgetown, brunch at Clydes and more. (I found the beautiful graffiti above on the Georgetown campus - isn't it gorgeous?)

Fashion Week!
To be honest, Fashion Week really intimidates me! Especially Fashion's Night Out, when Manhattan is a complete hot and scary mess.... and of course I still participate ;)  The energy in the city around this time of year is intoxicating. I was lucky to be invited to Glam Media's NYFW blogger dinner-- meeting other New York based lifestyle and fashion bloggers was an absolute dream! I loved hanging out with the girls at my table, and getting to know the team behind Glam, who impressed me to no end and were super fabulous to boot. I also had a chance to attend Harlem's Fashion Row for work, as well as visit Birchbox's fun Sample Stop with my L'Oreal friends and to catch up with my friend Deepica.

Long summer walks...
Okay, this sounds cheesy, but I adore New York summer walks. Living in a walkable city is so important to me... I get to see so many things along the way (like this pink brownstone 3 blocks away from me in the East Village and this kooky NY Magazine spin-off in Nolita). There's nothing a good, long stroll can't fix. This past weekend when my family came to visit, one of the best things we did was walk the entire High Line, an elevated park on the West Side that used to be rail road tracks. The views are spectacular--case in point, the rainbow-colored WWII-inspired couple kissing mural. My mom, sister, and I also indulged in popsicles while walking -- a heavenly summertime combination.

 How was your August? Are you ready for fall?

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