Monday, September 24, 2012

helen loves: edition #7

Just ordered this polka-dotted denim shirt, because (as you know) I have an unhealthy obsession with polka dots; how cool is this cupcake-cotton candy combination? (via Real Simple); I would have no problem wearing these Ampersand studs everyday (via Catbird on BaubleBar); yes, Paris IS always a good idea; a hot pink typewriter would be a great incentive to mail letters instead of email; stop it... Polka-dot kitty nails; I haven't played a game of Bananagrams in 4 months -- someone play with me!; quirky Frida Kahlo print iphone case (via Judy Kaufmann Etsy Shop); yowza, Jill Sanders Double Monk Wedges. Too perfect.

PS: Other things Helen Loves (Editions #1 to 6)


  1. You are correct my dear, Paris is always a good idea ;) Love this list, and obvee the polkas!

  2. Love your style... I'll take 'em all!


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