Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 clever kitchen gadgets

Not that I am at all a fancy cook or baker, but clever kitchen gadgets really tug at my heartstrings. If you’re like me and often make the same meals due to a busy work schedule, fun kitchen tools can make a huge difference -- they go beyond functionality to convey a fun story and create new foodie experiences. So if you’ve ever wondered “How can I make food more interesting?” then check these out!
 Heart-shaped pancake & egg stamps (via Amazon) for a little extra love and care in your breakfast.
Brownie pan with edges for those of you who, like me, love crusts! Say farewell to fights over corner brownie pieces :)

This Sandwich Cookie Dipper Set gives you another reason to dunk that Oreo.

Glass Fish straws and (previously blogged) "Tea Rex" tea infuser make drinking water and tea not so mundane.

While I don’t own a grill, a Hot Dog Shaped Hamburger Mold sounds awesome. Have you ever eaten a "Hamburdog"? I’m dying to try this.


  1. I need both of those, obviously. Genius!

  2. Hi Helen, dropping you an email now as I type from Guestaurant. If you don't receive it if you would be so kind as to check your junk.

  3. i want the egg hearts! that is awesome :)

  4. yes brownie crusts!!!

  5. I love these! I collect unique kitchen gear and all of these definitely fit the bill. I'm like you... I can't wait to try the Hamburdog Lol. Thanks for sharing :)


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