Saturday, October 1, 2011

gossipy notebooks (I met and liked!)

- Isabel, my Europe '09 backpacking partner-in-crime
- British guy from Vienna who told me his life story
- My NYU Danone team!

- My old freshman year floor at Rubin
- The NYU Local launch party attendees
- The NYU creative writing program

- Giving people I just met giant, surprise hugs
- Asking people how their vacations went after I stalked on facebook
- "I like your new haircut!" "I didn't get a haircut" "Oh, well, it looks good!"

- Sitting by the Seine river, bottle of wine all to myself in Paris
- Seconds & thirds of mom's homemade cooking
- That extra cookie/brownie/cupcake and glass of red wine

Err... that's private! Just kidding!
- Rhett Butler
- Leopold
- Don Draper

How fun are these notebooks? Which one would you want to have sitting on your nightstand? I like the excesses one the best -- it must be so fun to read back on our indulgences. Mine would be filled with yummy brunches and dinners. :)

Archie Grand notebooks, $10 each on Amazon.


  1. I WANT THE LAST ONE. I already have a notebook like that. It could easily be transferred.

  2. ARCHIE. GRAND. I love I love I love!! And surprise hugs :)

  3. These are darling! I'd want the travelers one to use as a guest book for all my couchsurfers.


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