Tuesday, October 4, 2011

seafan scarves

Oooh. Definitely a fan of this silky, handprinted Seafan Heart scarf. It's fun and subtly stylish -- perfect for the chilly weather we're seeing this week! (Hope you're staying warm friends, wherever you are.)

PS: I didn't know what a seafan was until now. Apparently, it also goes by the name, "gorgonian". I think gorgeous is a better descriptor.

Seafan Heart scarf, $42 via Snoozer Loser


  1. Oh my gosh, it was soooo CHILLY yesterday in Philly! (I rhymed!) These scarves are stunnninnnggg...love.

  2. Oh I like that black one. It warmed up here for a bit but I feel the colder weather is back on its way!

  3. snoozer loser has some amazing scarves, I really want the unicorn one they got on their website!

  4. Ooo, love the first. They'd make great Christmas gifts.


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