Monday, October 10, 2011

guest blogger: 3 things mary kate's MAD for!

Hi pretties! Oh my goodness has my life been crazy! I've been a little bit preoccupied with work, etc, so I asked my dear friend Mary Kate to guest blog and share her current obsessions. MK is super stylish, and an artist to boot! I know you'll love her thoughts on Makeup, Art, and Dessert. Here are a few things she's MAD for...

Mary Kate, Rockstar Friend & Guest Blogger Extraordinaire

Makeup: Paper eyelashes

"I’m usually not a fan of false eyelashes, but I came across these insane, ornate paper eyelashes from PaperSelf (also available at Sephora) and thought to myself, how creative! You probably won’t catch me dead or alive in these things, but for the right girl (and perhaps for Halloween), I am all for them."

Art: Italian painter Roberto Ferri

"There is just too much to love about Roberto Ferri and his work. For one, he carries on the tradition set before him by his Italian master predecessors. He may be a contemporary painter, though his refined treatment of the paint screams, “Michelangelo! Botticelli! Tintoretto!” All of Ferri’s figures are exquisitely lit, voluminous, and sensual."

Dessert: Palmiers

"Next on my neverending list of things to learn to make: palmiers. These flaky, buttery cookies are an absolute staple in all French pastry shops and I had peut-ĂȘtre one too many when I studied abroad there. I’d also love to learn how to whip up a mean pain au chocolat. One thing at a time, though!"

Thanks MK for your gorgeous list! :)


  1. that's a great list, the art is super impressive...


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