Monday, September 26, 2011

autumn lists: hometown honeys

Since autumn is finally here, I thought I'd revamp my Summer lists column (featuring some of my friends' amazing to-do's!) and officially introduce the the Autumn lists! Whee! Fall is my favorite season, so I was SO excited to ask my hometown honeys aka my best friends from high school to share their hopes and wishes for this new season. These girls mean a lot to me, and I'm always inspired by the things they want to accomplish. Here's what they shared...

Mary Kate's list:

- Find an amazing art job in NYC or Philly
- Work hard on writing/illustrating my children's book
- Spend more time with friends trying new restaurants

Anna's list:

- Catch up on sleep or refill on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
- Take a tour in my new city (D.C) to see the changing colors of leaves
- Visit my best friends in their respective cities

Jillian's list:

- Be a top Mary Kay Consultant
- Make all the desserts at Thanksgiving dinner (can someone say homemade pies?)
- Start working out again

Caroline's list:

- Start running every morning in Riverside Park (NYC)
- Finish making my personal website,
- Learn how to make an all-natural perfume

Thank you ladies for your lists, and for your beautiful friendship. Can't wait for more NYC New Year's celebrations, sunny vacations, and everything in between. And here's to checking off these autumn lists -- I will be cheering you on! xoxo


  1. THIS POST IS AMAZING!!! I love everyone's list and photo! This gets me totally motivated to have a fantastic autumn and soak it all up!
    Caroline: I would love to hear about your perfume experience
    Jillian: I will give you all of my pie-making tips
    Anna: do you follow Naomi Davis' blog? it's called the rockstar diaries. She lives in DC and is constantly updating with all of these cool restaurants and places to visit.

  2. I love these lists so much!! and im just realizing how counterproductive my list is.... desserts and start working out again. LOL typical of my life...


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