Thursday, September 29, 2011

my, my, mine! macaroons!

Holy macaroons. 48 to be precise, in chocolate, vanilla, coffee, lemon, raspberry, and pistachio. Gilt Taste, you are killing me here. Sidenote: My friend and L'Oreal coworker Jacquelyn sent this over via email mid-day to a group of us. (I call the pistachio!) The email was titled "I'm doing real work!" Made me laugh :)

$54.99 for 48 macaroons via Gilt Taste.


  1. Ugh. Drooling over these. They look simply delectable.

  2. if this was only $20 cheaper I would totally rationalize it to myself. Love macaroons. Would eat them everyday if they were readily available...I guess it is a good thing they arent?

  3. Wowza. I ordered some off Etsy one time. They certainly weren't that expensive.

  4. These look so so delicious!! <3


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