Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12 aspirations

I love making lists of things to do in the future, but am oftentimes too preoccupied to write them down. But not today! A random cumulation:

1. Write a column for a magazine/newspaper or publish a book
2. Compose a song, a la Once (a great movie)
3. Fall hopelessly in love with a mysterious European man
4. Take pictures of architectural wonders of the world, especially in Eastern Europe (Turks, Caicos, Prague, Russia, you name it)

Not too exotic - Philadelphia's City Hall

5. Purchase vintage treasures at great e-bay shops
6. Eat lots of Greek food (...and while I'm at it, visit the country)
7. Be more than proficient in a team sport
8. Go on a roadtrip/backpacking trip
9. Attend a film festival
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Live abroad at least once (Paris, my friends?)
12. Take a wine tasting class

What are some life aspirations on your own list?

Edit: #'s 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11 completed by January 2010!!! Hooray!


  1. That's such a fun list, darling!! Love em all and I'm sure you'll get around to doing them as well! Hopefully we'll end up doing some of these together =)

  2. Definitely!! Cannot wait to see you next week, love!


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