Thursday, January 8, 2009

a do or don't?

Bow Earrings...

Kenneth Jay Lane Antique Silver Bow Earrings, $31 (were $77)

What do you think? Too ornamental, or just right ? I think I like the look of it - but whether it will look good on me is another question.


  1. Adorable in theory. Don't know about in-ear app(ear)ance.

    Mwuahahaaa...I should stop procrastinating.

  2. depends on how big they are.

    Small, a do.

    Big, a definite stay away.

  3. Caroline, you are hi-larious. <3 Get crackin' on the name of our new blog, lady!

    And Mish, I definitely agree! :)

  4. Hmm...I'd say not sure...they can end up looking weird or perfect on...I personally think you'd look better with big dangling earrings or simpler studs. Longer earrings accentuate your gorgeous neck since it's long =)

  5. My neck - long? You are too darling.


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