Friday, July 20, 2012

life lately... july recap

Is it me, or did July just disappear? This summer has been the speediest summer of my life! Here are some Instagrams from July...

 Last night, I grabbed dinner at Delicatessen with my girlfriends from college: Eunsan, Andrea, and Tina. It was Eunsan's belated birthday, so Andrea got a bunch of desserts from Ceci Cela. Delicious. (Thanks for sharing the treats, E!)
 Another necklace from eBay -- clearly this is becoming a habit ;)
 I'm usually a homebody, but going out dancing with Justin and Christian at Stash until 4AM is one of my fondest memories from this month. Dancing with two gay men is SO much fun. My skirt's too short? Who cares! They're buffers for unwanted attention, have great dance moves, and not to mention are wonderful people/friends in general. Above is a capture of J and I goofing around in our Sobe glasses (Justin works at Pepsi, which owns the Sobe brand).
 Coffee dates with friends are really so inspiring. Eunsan and I try to have "Creative Sessions," where we brainstorm new projects. Last weekend we popped by La Colombe, and prompty after the session, I started my Living with Purpose column! I tell you, creative accountability really works.
My friend/coworker Valorie invited our entire team of eight to post-work drinks & snacks on her Financial District apartment rooftop. It was amazing to take in the sunset views of the Brooklyn bridge with a glass of wine and great people.
 Angela and I popped by Hester Nights for dinner two weeks ago. I am OBSESSED with Lizzmonade, a startup beverage company that makes the most insane lemonade combinations. I got a mix of lemonade with real mango and raspberry pieces mixed in, an ambrosial combo. Angela and I unintentionally had matching manicures ;)
I usually swing by Uniqlo (a Japanese clothing store with a US flagship in NYC) once every two weeks. But this was the first time I was treated to a full on drum performance in-store. Not sure what they were celebrating, but they were giving out some delicious Asian candy and chocolate as well. Right place at the right time!

Speaking of right place... an exciting celebrity sighting from two weekends ago: Adam Levine was a foot away from me at Le Esquina (a favorite Mexican food restaurant of mine in Nolita), but I didn't know it was him until after he walked away. Here he is above with his girlfriend Victoria's Secret model Behati (in the orange dress). You'll be surprised to know that my night got even more exciting: my friend Danny L drove into Manhattan from Staten Island in his yellow convertible Camaro, and we cruised through Soho in a car! (A real car! Not a taxi! This is a huge deal to me.) And then we went with Justin and Graham to karaoke. (Another huge deal for me -- I am a karaoke fame whore.)

The photo of me above is from the hottest day of the year so far -- it was 99 degrees out, and Paul, Justin, and I were walking through Soho, about to die. We made pit stops to random stores like Kate's Paperie and my favorite bookstore McNally Jackson just for the air conditioning. I was having a good hair day so I made Paul snap a vanity photo. (Sometimes when I put my hair in a bun, waves just happen. It's my trick!)

Hope you're having a great July xo


  1. Gah love love love everything about this post. From the necklace to the drinks to your fab self! And please don't remind me how quickly the month is going by. It's seriously sad!

  2. July has gone by too quickly! I'm moving in two weeks! Eep! Still can't believe you saw Adam Levine! haha You've been having a great time! :)


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