Wednesday, July 18, 2012

helen loves: edition #6

Excited to browse through my new coffee table book Paris in Color; can we bring this fun yet chic tie dye dress back in stock, Steven Alan?; Marc Jacobs "Big Hearted" iPhone case-- is it a surprise that I love this?; cool clock via Design Atellier Article's Etsy shop; a sweet handmade card via Oh My Deer's Etsy shop; two pieces of encouragement: take risks & be open to learning from mistakes; raspberry sorbet in lemon bowls -- so crafty; too bad this "Mischief" necklace via Asos is out of stock... love its spirit!

Some more things Helen Loves...


  1. I have that dress! Best purchase ever :)

  2. Craving raspberry sorbet now, and I know who to blameeeee. But seriously, I need that dress!

    1. Raspberry sorbet in a lemon cup -- who woulda thunk?

  3. That coffee table book looks so great. I want to flip through it immediately!


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