Wednesday, June 20, 2012

J.Crew necklace = eBay steal!

I just had a heart attack. Trust me, in the best way. So I was admiring my super stylish co-worker Margaux's  J.Crew necklace today, and she let me in on a little secret... she bought it on eBay for under 15 bucks! Wait, the same "Bubble" necklace that currently retails at $150 at J.Crew can be found on wholesale for $15?! Yes. This is no joke. I swear it looked exactly identical on Margaux vs. in the J.Crew store. And equally amazing.
This is J.Crew's model currently on the home page of J.Crew dot com-- wearing the "Bubble" necklace!
So now I'm sharing the eBay gospel with you! And btw, I just bought five (but only keeping one for myself -- the rest will be gifts to friends!). Find the J. Crew "Bubble" necklace on eBay here. (I personally think it looks 100% better in person than in the photos.) And leave me a comment if you end up purchasing! Would love to know if more "shopping steal" posts are up your alley -- I'll definitely keep my eyes out.


  1. OMG I've been looking at them forever. On eBay, of course. So they're legit legit??

    1. Al, they look PHENOMENAL in real life. I actually think they are the exact same product, except at a wholesale price.

  2. THIS IS SO DANGEROUS TO KNOW. Thanks Helen!!! <3


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