Saturday, June 23, 2012

manhattan rooftop + pretty dress

My friend Danny lives in a great apartment in Union Square with rooftop access to some of the best views, so once in awhile I like to invite myself over. There's nothing like catching up with a good friend while also sunbathing on a roof all to yourself! Today we decided to take a few photos on my iPhone-- I wanted to show off my new favorite dress courtesy of Sugarlips :)
What a spectacular view! The Empire State building was RIGHT there. Amazeballs.
Danny! One of my dearest friends since the first day of NYU. How has it been 5 years?!
I took this photo by accident -- my iPhone camera was flipped -- but it came out kinda cool. I was lying on a sun chair, trying to capture the views. 
This dress came in the mail yesterday, and I literally hung it on the wall of my work cubicle just so I could stare at it. The colors are so fun, and I especially love the blue bodice. 
Hope you have a great weekend friends, and enjoy the weather (but make sure you wear your sunscreen)!


  1. Love the dress and am completely jealous of that view!

  2. That dress looks perfect on you! Love the colors and the shape! And that view. I die.

  3. I'm so jealous, of that dress and that view!

  4. yah that sounds like the idea day i think!


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