Sunday, May 13, 2012

love you, momma!

Hope you all had a wonderful day giving much love to your mommas! (That's my mother when she was in her early twenties in China... isn't she pretty?) Although I didn't make it back to Philly this weekend, I'm excited to give my mother a big hug and kiss when I visit on Memorial Day weekend.

Mom, I'm so blessed to have an encouraging, sympathetic mom who is full of love and laughter. I'm grateful for your & Dad's sacrifices, giving up a much easier life in China, learning new skills and thriving in a new country, 20+ years later. That little girl in the photos above admires you more than you know. Love you. 


  1. you look SO SO SO much like your momma :) uncanny

  2. amazing gorgeous pics love love xoxo

  3. Your mother is beautiful! I loved looking at these :)


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