Wednesday, May 9, 2012

new favorite iphone app... kaleidoscope!

Have you ever fallen in love with a stylish outfit on Pinterest or a street style blog, but could never in a billion years find out where to buy it or something similar to it? (I kind of do every day.) Enter Kaleidoscope: Fashion Inspired, a free iphone app that allows you to browse, share, and best of all, shop street style photos! Here's how it works...

After downloading the app (which is created by Imporia, Inc.), scroll through the many style photos on Kaleidoscope's home page, just as you would a blog or tumblr...

Click on a look that you particularly love, in this case, a mixture of camel and hot pink -- right up my alley! Kaleidoscope has partnered with ShopStyle to get the most accurate product recommendations straight from the photo, making it easy for us to "shop" the look.

Since I'm especially keen on the hot pink mini skirt, I'll click on that option and ta da! Here are all the hot pink skirts I could possibly want! (And, I can price compare!) Click on any of the recommendations, and you'll immediately be transferred to the retailer's mobile site.  It takes two seconds to add to cart and pay.... Looks like we just got a new skirt! New favorite app for sure. My wallet better watch out.

(Photos are iPhone screenshots via Kaleidoscope)


  1. Love this app! I need to go download it right now!

  2. Amazing Post!
    I love it. Will come back again - taking your feeds also.

    iCaption That


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