Thursday, May 17, 2012

hester street fair + jen kim made!

Two things: I'm going on vacation to Puerto Rico!! Leaving in two hours for JFK airport, so I'm going to squeeze in a post about last weekend! Anna came to visit from D.C., and we went to the Hester Street Fair, among other fun things. I was so excited because a) I love the HSF and b) My friend Jen was a notable vendor! Jen is the craftiest person I know -- we met last June at a blogger meetup and our friendship has grown so much since. Be sure to check her out on Saturdays at the fair! Her flowers, prints, and beautiful cards are stunning. Check out her website Jen Kim Made and her etsy shop.

Here's Jen and I at her lovely booth.
See how Jen got a special spot right in the front? VIP treatment!

I also took some instragrams -- mostly food, of course ;) Anna and I had Mexican popsicles from La Newyorkina, these cool vegan fruit roll-ups for adults from Heat Sweets, and a sandwich from Bombay Sandwich Co (which only launched 3 weeks ago!). We ate and ate, then we went straight to the gym ha!

(Top photos via Jen, bottom instagrams by me)


  1. Thank you SO much for the visit, purchase and this lovely recap! Have an ammmmazzzing trip xoxo

  2. I have yet to get to the Hester Street Fair... maybe while *you* are in PR (!), I'll finally make my way. Have a great vacation, Helen!


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