Sunday, March 18, 2012

life, lately... march already?

Yikes, how is the weekend over already? This week was a long one as I just transitioned brands (from essie to L'Oreal Paris) so this weekend was a relaxation must kind of weekend. I hung out at McNally's and read design books with Eunsan (in addition to finishing this one!), had tacos with Justin and Paul, and worked out. It was nice to just chill (even though everyone was nuts for St. Patty's, oh well). Here's some instagrams from my week...

Drinks on Friday with Sorah and Dan at Dorian Gray, a lovely low-key bar in the East Village that's decorated with frames of old men. I didn't drink (still observing lent), but we shared a delicious hummus plate & curry fries. Oh, and our check came in a book :)

Remember these crazy shoes? I broke them out this week, since it was so warm.

The flowers are starting to bloom...Spring here we come! I can't believe we're past mid-March.

Justin, Paul, and I grabbed some tacos and jarritos at Taqueria Lower East Side. Super yum, if I do say so myself.

On the way to dinner, I couldn't help taking a photo of this wall in the Lower East Side. I pass by walls like this every day and rarely stop to appreciate the details. So I'm challenging myself to capture art whenever I can -- to take my eyes away from the destination and instead, take in the whole journey. (Advice to apply in life too, me-thinks!)

Rad orange bike in the East Village, just a block away from where I live.

Coming out of the subway, I bumped into this little gem! Wisdom is everywhere.

Have a good week, friends -- hope to post more during the week and see you soon! xoxo

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  1. Je suis jalouse! Sounds like the perfect weekend... and here's to a lovely week!


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