Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 funny, inspiring videos

Happy weekend! I'm in D.C. with the girls visiting Anna, so I'm scheduling this post in advance. Want to leave you with three feel-good videos that will make you smile. So relax and enjoy! Cya next week!

This little girl is my role model! As crazy as our lives can get, positivity is a choice -- and it's fun! Take it from Jessica: "I like my hair! I like myself! I can do anything good! Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Isn't ballet just visually stunning? I love that Radiohead's Everything in Its Right Place is playing too. (via Joanna)

I saw the Harvard Sailing Team at the People's Improv Theatre this Thursday in NY, and they were as feel-good funny as they are in their wonderful videos. Such a bright and talented group!

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