Wednesday, January 18, 2012

boston weekend

Hey friends! I'm currently suffering from a terrible cold from this weekend (It was freezing in Boston!) but still had such a great time and wanted to fill you in! My good friend Justin and I visited our friend Steph (an NYU reunion!) for the long weekend :) If we're facebook pals, then you'll probably be seeing some repeats ... but here are a few highlights from our long weekend trip.

After dropping our stuff at Steph's place, we headed to Beacon Hill, a cute boutique-lined neighborhood and grabbed an early dinner at The Upper Crust Pizzeria. We had a 1/2 "Uncommon" pizza and 1/2 "Beacon Hill." It was delicious.

It didn't take long before we decided that it was too cold to stay outside, so we huddled inside Quincy Market and admired all the food stands. Clam chowder, candied apples galore!

Later, we ventured into the North End to a street that is essentially the Little Italy of Boston. Steph's favorite dessert place is the Modern Pastry Shop, so we each had a perfect, tasty cannoli. I was so touched because after a great conversation with the owner, he gave me mine for free!

Steph's coworker from Trip Advisor was throwing a birthday house party, so Justin (our resident bartender) made some amazing drinks before we headed out.

The next day, we headed over to Anna's Taqueria for Jarritos and burritos. It was so much better than Chipotle! (And equally as delicious as NY's Dos Toro's.) I inadvertently flirted with a cute MIT frat boy (or so we presumed).... by accidentally elbowing him and making him drop his utensils. ;)

We met up with Tiffany, another NYU friend, and all headed over to the South End to visit Tiffany's brother Larry, who lives in a modern & spacious studio while studying graphic design at Northeastern. I loved his space... it even had a fireplace! (Swoon.)

Later, we walked through Newbury St and stopped for coffee at L'Aroma Cafe. It was so frigid, my gloved hands felt blue. Boston doesn't kid around with it's under 17 degree (Fahrenheit) weather! I took my time sipping a large bowl of hazelnut hot cocoa.

Cold temperatures just make me want to pig out. Good thing we went to Giacomo's for some hearty Italian. I had this incredibly rich gnocchi filled with roasted red peppers & goat cheese, served with chicken, mushroom, spinach, and mascarpone plum. Also, did you know that happy hour is illegal in Boston?! We actually ended up drinking wine in our parked car before dinner to warm up!

The next morning on our last day, we grabbed sticky buns at Flour Bakery + Cafe, which many friends have recommended. I took a super tasty bite and saved the rest for this week-- the portion size was gigantic and I wanted to savor every cinnamon-y crumb.

In our last few hours, we met up with Mackenzie (my friend from our L'Oreal internship) at Harvard for brunch. She graciously gave us a tour of the campus, even though it was so cold, she was actually tearing up. (That's a good friend.)

Thank you Steph for hosting us in your wonderful new home town. We miss you here in NY!


  1. Looks like a great trip! with all the right ingredients, great food and great friends :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. You were in my hood?! No way!!! I work just a few blocks from Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market! Can't believe we were so close!

  3. Oh, how I love Boston (and Flour, yum) and now I really miss it! Glad you had a wonderful time...

  4. Fantastic post! I'm particularly drooling over all of the scrummy food shots! That gnocchi- OMG!


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