Sunday, January 15, 2012

books, books, books!

Hello from Boston! Justin and I are visiting our friend Steph, and we are having a little NYU reunion! Steph works at Trip Advisor and has been the best host -- I can't wait to show you some pictures of the trip later. Right now, I'm sneaking in a blog post while they're getting ready before we leave for brunch. A few book-related things that have been on my mind...

I'm half-way through reading Diane Keaton's autobiography and I'm LOVING it! I bought it for myself for Christmas, and definitely recommend it.

Still have to decorate my living room (and on a budget), and this book seems like the perfect solution. On my wish list!

Have you heard of the tumblr Bookshelf Porn? It's a collection of the best bookshelf photos and I am in ecstasy. (The same reaction as that scene from Beauty & The Beast when the beast shows Belle his library. You know?)

I re-read this essay, "Date a Girl who Reads"-- it's so sweet and has been reblogged a billion times. But worth mentioning again :)

PS: Coincidentally, Justin & Steph bought me books for my birthday last April. They know me too well.

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  1. My favorite of your posts...ever. I've got to get my hands on Diane Keaton's book- I love her. And Annie Hall is the best movie of all time. And I've been spreading bookshelf porn love all over the place. And I know what part of Beauty and the Beast you're talking about (how timely a reference- it's back in theatres!)

  2. Lovely! And I adore Boston. Jalouse! Enjoy your trip!


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