Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my friend's going to iceland!

My friend Eunsan just booked a 4 day trip solo trip to Iceland -- and I am PSYCHED for her and super impressed. We were just talking about how life was getting a little too comfortable & predictable... My solution was more along the lines of getting a new hobby, but then Eunsun goes and books a plane ticket to ICELAND, all by herself! (So brave... I'm inspired.) Iceland sounds crazy rad, doesn't it? Kristina of Krisatomic, a favorite blogger/illustrator of mine, captured some great Iceland shots on her trip this past spring...

(all photos by krisatomic)

Kristina also compiled an Iceland inspiration post, which is so gorgeous... the mountains, greenery, and wilderness astound me! I am so excited for you Eunsun -- better bring your down coat & rain boots :)


  1. How cute are the little colourful houses! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Hilarious about picking up a hobby while your friend one ups you. I am planning a semi-solo trip soon too, exciting but scary at the same time! -Linh


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