Monday, September 19, 2011

personal comforts

Since last weekend was crazy, I vowed to make this weekend super lazy and stress-free. So I went back to my two greatest comforts: Chinese food and nature. Which makes sense if you were raised in woodsy Philadelphia suburbs by first generation Chinese parents. Growing up, bad days always looked a little brighter with some dumplings and a cool backyard to play in. Instant cheer up :)

I don't have a backyard, so I did the next best thing: spend some quality time chilling in a Nolita playground while snacking on Chinatown baozi (prefaced the night before by soup dumplings!). I even later made it to McNally Jackson, my favorite bookstore. (Thanks to Eunsan, my foodie companion, for coming with!) What are your personal comforts?

PS: If you're in need of a nature pick-me-up, you must watch this video. So calming.


  1. That's definitely what I'm going to do with this week after my calculus test. SMOOTH SAILING!

  2. Dumplings seriously make the world a better place. I say we meet up and get dumplings ASAP. Because, really, my life is incomplete without them.

  3. it's def a cheerup for me too, but nothing to do with me being chinese, haha :)

  4.! Those dumplings look so perfect! I want one now! I have a dumpling press at home so maybe one time when you're back in town we can make some together! Yummy!

  5. That sounds delicious! And it would definitely be comforting! :) When I need to de-stress, I love Shepherds Pie. If I don't have that, anything with potatoes usually works :) Have a nice day!


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