Friday, September 23, 2011

mad for maps

I am so into maps lately. My living room walls are still very bare, and I have all kinds of ideas on how to fill them. Modern or vintage, a map of New York or Pennsylvania (my two home states) is on my wish-list! Vintage maps are so deliciously cozy and full of history; and modern maps are aesthetically fresh and uplifting. I really love them all!

Maps not only make for tremendous art, they're also visual reminders of all the places we've traveled or lived. They add sentimental value. And for some reason, I always think a room with a map looks classier -- even a bathroom-- and also more interesting like the chalkboard painted map below.

I'll be looking on Etsy for some great deals... let me know if you see anything out there!

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  1. I loooove that map wallpaper, but honestly, all I want is a vintage map of Paris.


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