Thursday, June 2, 2011

style star: kendi!

Ummm, cannot get enough of Kendi, one of my favorite style bloggers at the moment. Her sense of humor never fails to crack me up, and I love how her outfits are pulled together by high and low pieces, from Target to trendier sites like ModCloth.

I think our generation pays much more attention to brand names instead of actual product and design quality, which is really discouraging! I love that Kendi's style transcends those label boundaries we place on ourselves. As a testament to that, I just ordered those amazing black sandals she's wearing from Target. Kendi, you're such a style star!

(photos from Kendi Everyday)


  1. Great styling and outfits! sooo cute...

  2. Kendi is the greatest! Her style is timeless.

  3. I think it really is sad when my friends shop in places with brand names on them. Specially when they buy cloths that say the brand name on them. It's as if they're trying to find an easy way out to look good for fashion, instead of going out there and find awesome stuff!

    I have a friend who thinks that thrift shopping is bad luck >.< I guess she can afford clothes haha!

    Anyway, I love ModCloth! I think it's the online shop for me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses and miscellaneous things!


  4. I am IN LOVE with that blue dress!! too bad it's thrifted. good for her, bad for me! it is gorgeous though. thanks for introducing me to a new style star... I shall immediately start coveting her wardrobe! :)

  5. I love her style too! Follow her blog! She has great style and shes stunning! (she loves payless as much as me too!)

    Thanks for the sweet blog visit! Happy Friday!

  6. I knowww, I'm so happy her dress is vintage, even if that means I can't have it ;)

  7. She is gorgeous, and that first dress is magical, cannot believe it is thrifted!!

  8. i just checked out her blog and am *laughingOUTLOUD* she is so hilarious--i love it! and thanks so much for your comment on my blog :) the camera i use is a nikon d-80.


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