Friday, June 3, 2011

happy friday + blogger meetup!

Happy Friday friends! I had a pretty lazy day, which mostly comprised of sleep, reading, cocktails (at Delicatessen) and a seafood spaghetti dinner at Cafe Fiat for a friend's farewell dinner. (Good luck on your move to India, Abeer!) Current status: snuggling in bed listening to this gorgeous playlist and reading Matchbook's 5th edition.

Also, I'm super pumped for this NYC & Philly blogger meetup (created by the Delightful Dozen). Since I'm originally from the Philly suburbs and have been in NYC for the past 4 years, this really hits close to home! And I can't wait to meet fellow bloggers, who are the most inspiring, full-of life people ever. (I remember running into Joanna from Cup of Jo last summer in the W. Village and seriously feeling like I was her best friend. She's exactly like her blog!) Who wants to come with me? I've never been to a blogger meetup before, have any of you?


  1. Say what!? I wanna go to a blogup! How do you guys find these events anyway? I know this girl who goes to blog meet ups but she's in the Philippines.

    Anyway, I made the cookie keychain! LOL! I was gonna do it despite any objections! Oh and I just opened up my shop today! hope to see you there ^__^


  2. aw that meetup would be really fun! I've been to a couple here in switzerland and they are always a good time!!

  3. sounds like its going to be awesome. i love mcarren park and used to live close by in williamsberg :) still wish i was there now!

  4. ohhh! that sounds so fun. how are you getting to williamsburg with the crazy lack of L train service on the weekend? i'm supposed to meet up with a friend, but maybe i can convince her to go too. thanks for sharing!


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