Wednesday, June 1, 2011

genius, crafty ideas!

The internet is blowing my mind! (But what else is new?) Some wonderful, innovative, awesome things related to food, interiors, and design I found while browsing:

Cupcakes in a cone! So smart and easy to eat.

What to do with leftover pasta... Spaghetti Pizza!

DIY chandelier, I'm dying. (via Joanna)

I'd love to eat at this roaming, outdoor restaurant

Oh, and happy June 1st, my loves :)


  1. Cupcakes in a cone! I haven't tried that yet. I did one of my first posts about "Pasta Pizza". It's sooo good! I like your blog. Please check mine out!

  2. Happy June 1st :)
    The thought of spaghetti pizza makes me smile.

  3. I'm all about cupcakes! Cone or not! Its a cute idea...

    Thanks for the sweet blog visit!

  4. i want to eat in that restaurant too! it's too cool!


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