Tuesday, May 10, 2011

street treasure

I am on a lucky streak with finding furniture these days! Last Saturday, I picked up a gorgeous & buttery soft yellow leather chair outside of a shop just a few blocks from where I live. (My favorite color too!) And last night, I snapped up a funky brown lamp just a block from my apartment.

I'm completely content with gently used furniture (I love antiques) but I know a few of my friends are squeamish at the thought. What's your opinion on thrifting? Over the years, I've collected a few "street treasures"-- mostly framed screen prints -- from the West Village and Soho, and I have really grown fond of them.


  1. oho so this is the lamp you were talking about on the phone! sweeeeet. it doesn't even look that used?

    ps. fuckyeahdexter

  2. Oh I love both your finds!! That brown lamp looks like it came from a west elm or crate and barrel catalogue...and you got it for free! I love finding things like that....that's why I love summer garage sales :)

  3. No way, you found both of those things in the street?! Lucky girl, indeed!


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