Monday, May 9, 2011


I love the effortless chic that a kimono-inspired print gives to an outfit. My roommate from this past summer (when I subletted in the West Village) owned an authentic kimono robe, and it was so luscious. Too bad you can't wear a house robe outside. (Or can you?)

PS: Happy belated Mother's day!

(Jacket and dress from Zara)


  1. ahh! so cute!
    I know someone that wore a kimono robe to school. on Valentine's Day. O.O

    check out my blog?

  2. oh my goodness that dress is ah-mazing! so pretty. love love love. and I think you can totally wear a kimono outside-- if you style it right and you have confidence! :) I'm not saying I could pull it off... but I bet you could!

  3. ok, i must get to zara soon!


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