Wednesday, May 11, 2011

forget me knot

Just got back from dinner at Cafe Habana with my good friend Liz, which was super yum. We had shrimp tacos and Mexican-style grilled corn, and talked about how crazy it is that we're graduating college next week! Gosh, it's been a reflective/nostalgic/ anxious/exciting time.

Randomly, after dinner, we decided to take a walk down Elizabeth Street, which is filled with teeny boutiques and cute restaurants. On a whim, we stopped by Erica Weiner Jewelry... and ended up walking out with matching yellow-gold Knot Nesting rings!!! Yes, you could say we got friendship rings haha!

But on a more serious note, I think they're rather symbolic of this special time in our lives. As we graduate, start our careers, and enter into "real adulthood," I hope we won't forget how far we've come and how much we've learned. I hope this ring will be daily reminder of our own growth. Do you have jewelry that serves a similar purpose?

(Photo via Erica Weiner)

Update: Blogger was having some technical issues, and deleted some comments of your comments on this post! Sorry my dears!


  1. oh gosh, those are so pretty!!

  2. i want to quote krystal! i love knot rings, i always think they would make a sweet alternative engagement ring :)


  3. Love those rings! I checked on her website and unfortunately she doesn't have my size :(

  4. p.s. how exciting - your graduation! Be sure to take photos and enjoy the'll remember the feeling forever

  5. very lovely and such a nice way to mark this special and important time in your lives. i have some jewelry that used to belong to my grandmother who has since passed, but i smile whenever i look at it and think of her.


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