Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my talented friend

Remember my friend Liz, who I said is one of my closest girlfriends as well as a talented trader (to-be J.P. Morgan trader, precisely)? Well, now you know I'm not exaggerating! Liz just earned the title of best U.S. student trader, having won the New York Stock Exchange's Traders Trophy final, beating 30 fellow students from the top colleges in the country.

She'll be heading to the World final in Amsterdam this May. I'm so excited & swelling with pride (& I hope I'm not embarrassing you by writing this eeks!). I love you, and you are such a rockstar. (And a role model! Sales & Trading is an almost completely male-dominated occupation, did you know?) xoxo

Read more about Liz & the Trader's Trophy here. (Photos via Spiegel)


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