Friday, November 19, 2010

the girlfriend hour

I am constantly amazed and impressed by my friends. Besides being awesome people, they're quite an accomplished, successful, and interesting bunch. I'm lucky to have them in my life, and since I can't help but toot their horns, I wanted to introduce four of my wonderful friends who mean the world to me...

Lucy on her youtube channel! (Click to view)

The Video Vixen: My friend Lucy runs her own "How To" Youtube Channel. She's shared tips on how to tie a bowtie, make a ramen omelette, and make your manicure last. You're adorable Lucy!

The Fighter: Liz is so fierce. She's works in Sales & Trading at JP Morgan, kicks butt with her taekwondo skills, and always, always looks put together. I cherish our talks and our weekly coffee and lunch dates, Liz.

Mackenzie and I from when I visited Boston last month!

The Visionary: Mackenzie (a friend and former fellow L'Oreal intern) was among this year's Glamour's Top 10 College Women for her anti-tobacco advocacy work! Thank you for being my beauty advisor, Boston host, and reminding me that I'm "worth it!"

The Sister: Caroline is my oldest friend (since the 6th grade!) and truly my soul sister. You are the smartest person I know (Valedictorian, Perfect SAT's, Harvard senior - you are a rockstar). I'm so happy you'll be in NYC with me post-grad, and I love you so much!

These are just four girlfriends who have changed my life with their positivity and love! I can't wait to introduce some more next time around. Do you have friends that have special labels in your head? (I know I'm often labeled "the goofball" heh heh.)


  1. aw so great that you have amazing women in your life :)

  2. This is such a lovely post - they all seem like such inspiring friends to have around, and of course, they are VERY lucky to have you as their friend too!

    I have little labels for my friends as well. I have my friend Shu Hui who I think of as the warrior in our group. She's so strong. Then there's Lauren, the Mother, even though she's the youngest! And finally, there's Hugh who I call Huggy. He's one of the most intimating looking guys I think I've ever met, but also the sweetest and kindest :)

  3. Aw Louise, I love your comment & hearing about your friends! :)

  4. <3 You are too sweet :) Can't wait to see you in NYC too! And over break!

  5. Your so lucky to have great and fabulous friends!!!

  6. aww, what a sweet post! loved meeting your friends! it's nice to have people in your life that bring out the best in you. my bestie can sometimes be my total opposite. she's outgoing and isn't afraid to tell you how it is, where as I can be more shy and reserved. but I think we balance each other out, you know? and we push each other to do things that maybe we would never have done otherwise. that's what friends are for, right? :)

  7. Awww... what a great post. Love that you honored your girls and friendships here. xo


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