Sunday, November 21, 2010

the spade's place

Pictures of Andy and Kate Spade's apartment via The Selby makes my heart pitter patter like mad. What character! What color! Things I love about their home: vintage furniture, art & photographs EVERYWHERE, books piled up on desks and windowsills, and the elegant clutter. (I'm a firm believer in clutter if it looks good!)

Not only do I adore Kate as a designer and businesswoman (I read her Harvard Business School case a few years ago, and it's brilliant), I think her family and home are positively charming. See more photos here!


  1. just lovely! I like how it looks lived in-- not like a museum where you can't sit down! and that yellow headboard? I'm in LOVE! :)

  2. Very awesome space...i love this!

    Also, I would like to invite you to enter a giveaway i'm hosting at the moment:

  3. I love it too! Oh my goodness! I love that the door in that first picture is black, it creates such a cool feel.

  4. OF COURSE their place is killer - my knees tremble when I just walk into one of their stores! I'll tell you what I especially love: that oval-shaped foyer. Loooove...

  5. I completely agree with you about clutter! Sadly my OH disagrees - but I'm determined to convert him (I should post before and after pics of when I moved into his batchelor pad, lol!)

  6. I'd love to see those pics Louise! :)


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