Monday, August 9, 2010

oh crap!

I was definitely not planning on stumbling into these Sam Edelman studded suede boots on Gilt Groupe tonight. But let's be real: HOW could anyone NOT fall in love with these God's gift to shoe-lovers?!? (Look at the studs! They. are. shaped. like. stars! Like ****'s!!!) Obviously, leaping for the wallet and maniacal laughter ensued. I will be stalking the mailbox starting August 17th. Truth.

PS: Need a GG invite? Here you go.


  1. Ah I love these! The weather has been so awful lately that it makes it easy to browse for Autumn clothes. And boots are essential to my A/W wardrobe!

  2. haha, you are too funny. I ordered two MORE dresses from ruche yesterday. (ruche is my addiction. I need a support group, stat.) I will be stalking the mailbox all this week. Truth. :)

  3. oh my, i'm stating to think fall shopping already too, daaaangerous!! how fun, nice pick :-)

  4. Those are awesome! I am a boot lover and I agree with you 100%!

  5. So true Lana, boots are totally essential to the A/W wardrobe! And want to see your dresses Carissa...


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