Monday, July 19, 2010

personal traditions

Goodness, this summer is almost half over - it's been a whirlwind! And I've been quite sporadic about blog posts, which makes me sad, because I used to blog every day in less chaotic times. I miss keeping up with all of you sweet blogette friends and other personal traditions! I've been pretty good at rekindling some fond habits like yoga and weekend brunch and lots of fro-yo breaks-- but I also need to work on a few. Writing is one of them. Reading is another. There just never seems to be enough time, you know what I mean?

PS: I love my Phileo yogurt photo - it's the simple pleasures people! :)


  1. i find it heard to blog everyday during the summer as well. it's a weird combination of busy + lackadaisical for me.


    xo Alison

  2. This is DE-LIS! Right now (even as we speak) I'm at Starbuck's with my laptop enjoying the smell of EVERYTHING. They even gave out samples of new snacks!!

    Also, I gave you a "Prom Queen" Blog Award

  3. cute, yummy pics! i agree about sporadic blogging, it's tough, but i'm glad when i do get to it :-)


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