Tuesday, May 18, 2010

whirled peace

Today, my friend Lexie and I went to check out the new frozen yogurt place in town called Whirled Peace. (Isn't that such a great name?) It launched two Sundays ago by a guy named Jesse, who's only 23. Lexie and Jesse bonded over the fact that they went to the same acting camp (crazy!) while I asked Jesse a billion questions about how it felt to be a young entrepreneur running an environmentally-conscious company. His answer? "Totally awesome." The bonus? The fro-yo is absolutely, refreshingly delicious. (And we all know I'm a fro-yo connoisseur.) Here's to smart businesses and new friends!

Jesse and his sister Allie.

(photos by me!)


  1. Ooh! How wonderful! I love frozen yogurt with toppings! I tend to go overboard on the chocolaty ones! I'm sending him good thoughts and lots of luck on his new venture!

  2. That is awesome! Sounds delicious! And fun ;-)


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