Tuesday, March 23, 2010

primarily, poetically...

Red, yellow, and blue -- I see you.

And I'd like to take a collection
of pretty pictures & primary
colors, bead them in my scarves,
tangle them in my hair, blot my eyes
with their light and love, take a knife &
fork and gobble them up pixel by sheen,
make sweet rhythm to their colorful beats,
their one-shot tales, their two-dimensional
frames, their three-dimensional lives...

(photo by the Sartorialist)

*Buenos Aires updates coming up soon, sorry for the wait!


  1. oh my god! the first photo makes me want to go to paris stat!

  2. Hey Helen :)

    Trendy. Trendy. And trendy. Everyone seems to LOVe Mr. S photography, it's usually a hit and miss for me mostly, but I do love these picks :) Have a nice evening :)

  3. loove the top photo! she looks adorable!! :)

  4. AH! I want that scooter in the last one!! :P

  5. Hey Helen dear,

    Just letting you know that i'm hosting a giveaway at my blog at the moment, and would love for you to enter! http://trishiekoh.blogspot.com/2010/03/picos-skirt-giveaway.html


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