Saturday, March 20, 2010

simply celine

"Are you a Celine woman...?"

My loves, I'm baaack! (I had the time of my life, I'm just bursting with stories and photos to share with you! Next post, I promise.) But first, I want to acknowledge a question the Sartorialist asked this week about the two hottest fashion shows of the season, Celine and Louis Vuitton: "Are you a Celine woman or a LV woman?" Well, my answer is Celine, indubitably, Celine. (Louis Vuitton can suck it.)

Maybe it's because when I see a Celine collection, I can't help but think Aha! This is what a real woman wears! Because the crisp tailoring and structure seem to embody the strong, sophisticated working woman -- a woman who is comfortable in her clothes and most of all, comfortable with herself.

Or maybe I just have a girl-crush on Creative Director Phoebe Philo, a fashion visionary, BFF of Stella McCartney, and a young mama to boot. Or because Celine is exactly the "older sister" of ChloƩ, Philo's previous fashion house. Mon Dieu, how we've grown up!

Whatever it is that draws me to Celine, it's undeniable: the Celine woman is fierce. Fierce because she is graceful and tough at the same time. She's a woman on a mission, and isn't that inspiring? (Whatever mission it may be...) Who wouldn't want to be her?

(Pre-Fall 2010 photos via


  1. I agree with you, I really likes these photos!! I love the first one, I want long shiny pants now!!

  2. welcome back, helen! sounds like u had a great time on ur trip! can't wait to see some pics:) hmm im on the fence about this one haha i love pieces from both celine's collection and LV hehe hope u had a great weekend!

  3. i think i'm a celine woman too!

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  5. i love these pieces! glad you know exactly what kind of woman you are :)

  6. Hey Helen!

    Welcome back!! Your trip sounded fun :) I might be a bit of Marc J & Celine woman :) The very first outfit is calling my name more than a plate of homemade fries and B-que ribs...which is what I happen to be having for dinner! I'll be glued to my plate and DWTS haha!

    Looking forward to your vaca photos! Have a nice evening :)

  7. Cannot wait to hear all about your trip! I bet it was amazing :)

    I'm definitely a Celine woman - they're the type of clothes I dream of wearing - and I just love Phoebe Philo. She always creates the most gorgeous collections and manages to look fantastic xx

  8. Even though i can't afford her clothes I am so excited that Phoebe Philo is back and designing for Celine! She makes clothes that women want to wear- and eventually her style trickles down to things I can buy!


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