Tuesday, February 9, 2010

jewelry with character

This Love Ballerina Brooch by Steven Alan is so exquisite. I feel like I'd just put it on my desk and stare at it all day instead of wearing it!

I am obsessed with these two Burberry pieces from Gilt Groupe. Amber is one of the most popular jewels in Prague, so every day last semester these orange-hued stones seemed to follow me around everywhere!

And last but not least, this Avanessi "Love" bracelet makes me smile.

Not member of Gilt Groupe? Here's an invite. xo


  1. Character and distinction. I stopped wearing jewerly for a while, due to my skin breaking out from it, guess, I should LEAVE the costume jewerly alone? Yup. Still beautiful nonetheless.

  2. Aww to that lovely bracelet. the color is perfect too.


  3. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us! I love your blog!

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  5. wo.... the necklace is soooo fabulous..
    i want that..



  6. Love love love those pieces! The stones look so exotic!


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