Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(you've lost) that loving feeling

Quiet day. It's my Dad's 50th birthday, so we had a nice dinner at home to celebrate (in addition to sushi lunch last weekend at Minado, which was delicious). Cracked open some red wine for the adults + Martinelli's sparkling cider for the tween sister. Munched on yummy seafood -- fish, shrimp, etc. Sister and I presented Dad with a homemade gift. Then we went to the gym. (Have to prepare for resolution #1!)

I also thought about movies all day, specifically, what makes a good movie? (Question prompted after I saw Nine in theatres and was miserably disappointed. All that talent wasted on a flat plot. And don't get me started on The Lovely Bones -- which by the way was filmed in our neighborhood, across the street in the 'burbs of Philadelphia. Could an adaptation of a book be more poorly executed? Book's author went to my old high school. Maybe I'm biased? And, why, why is Avatar making so much money? Highest grossing opening weekend ever + 5th highest grossing movie in box office history, so far. I don't get it and will not be watching blue aliens on IMAX, I'm sorry.) I guess I'll understand more of the kinks in the movie business next semester. Did I mention I'm taking a class with the Tribeca Film Festival? Beyond excited.

Then, just earlier, I watched some Top Gun on TV. Tom Cruise + other pilot trainees sang "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers. I ate a grapefruit. Young Tom Cruise and friends in a sexy volleyball scene. Sweaty and shirtless. I ate some leftovers + another grapefruit. Leave it to Top Gun to help me get my "loving feeling" back for all movies, even the stinky ones. But I need to get into tip-top toned shape (tell you why later), so no more snacking in front of the TV!

Don't judge me, Iceman.


  1. TFor the graphics and the world that was created fro Avatar.

  2. What an amazing and thoughtful gift! I bet your Dad absolutely loved it xxxx

  3. Ooh, right, that's where the 300 billion dollar budget went to. Makes sense, thanks Mishy.


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