Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Eeps! I just found out about Poladroid, a free desktop application that turns normal photos into polaroids! Why haven't I heard of it before? Am I late on the bandwagon? Early? (The app is still in Beta.) Either way, it just made my day. It's genius. I have been poladroid-ing away on old travel pictures for the past hour. I love how authentically "polaroid" they look. Here are a few:

The Colosseum in Rome | Looking down from Gaudi's "Casa Mia" in Barcelona | Port Vell, Barcelona | Prague from a tram window | Friend & I posing in front of Prague Castle | Flowers at Vysehrad Cemetery in Prague | Drinking Irish coffee in Budapest!


  1. Isn't it?! What a great invention.

  2. fantastic! i can't wait to use this. thanks for sharing!

    also, i accidentally rejected a comment you left today - so sorry! i swear my fingers are too big for iphone use. i mean to click one thing and it goes to another. ;)

  3. i just discovered poladroid a few months ago, too lol and even blogged about it:D i agree, best invention ever:D i love ur pics! looks like u had a wonderful trip:D

  4. Ahhh wow, I hadn't heard of that before, how cute! Thanks for posting :) I love your blog, I just stumbled across it today. I love the photos of Prague - I went there in February last year and fell in love with the city!
    Claire Marie x

  5. Wow! This is awesome! Great find! THanks for sharing:)


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