Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Pump" and Circumstance

(photo via lesmills)

Oh. My. God. My friend Amy and I are taking classes at our local gym two to three times a week, and tonight was Body Pump. I'll just say it was hard work! Seriously, I am so embarrassed. Ten minutes in, I was feeling pretty smug... but an hour later and I am utterly exhausted. And sweaty. And shaky! Talk about lesson learned! Now I know never to act too confident as a beginner in any class, because fifty-year-old women will somehow show me up in the end. And lift more weights than me. Burn.


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  2. My shame hit me the hardest when we were sitting down w/ our legs crossed lifting that single weight above and behind our heads... and I just COULD NOT go on anymore. But I was face to face with these old women who were hardly even wincing!!!

    That was HARD. Right now, I'm feeling the consequences... and tomorrow morning, I know I'm going to be in pain.

  3. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't go with you guys...

    Actually, no it isn't. I sat on my ass all day. >_<

  4. Mish, you would be totally sore like Amy and I are today... Everything hurts! :(

  5. Love these workouts you showed us online...seems so fun!!!


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