Friday, June 12, 2009

genius jeans

One of my co-workers at my last marketing gig always wore the cutest jeans. They were the perfect cut (subtly flared from the knee) and incredibly flattering. I admired them for weeks until I finally asked her where she got them. So course I have to share the wealth! Joe's Jeans are awesome. They come in every shape and style imaginable, from tall to petite, relaxed to super skinny. I'm in love with their petite style, "The Provocateur," below. No more tailoring is a blessing indeed!

(photo via joe's jeans)


  1. Joe's stretch SO much. South Moon sells them! If you want a pair, gotta go down a whole size cuz they'll stretch out like crazy after just a single day of wear!

  2. I LOVE stretch! Makes my butt look cute haha!


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