Saturday, June 13, 2009

rain and trains

(The ceilings in Philadelphia train stations are gorgeous)

I ventured out to Princeton today for Anuja's birthday, and it was just such a wonderful, fulfilling day, rain and all. First of all, I love riding in trains (4+ hours roundtrip!) because I get to read the books that I rarely have time to indulge in. I'm finishing up Tropic of Cancer, a brilliantly written (albeit very dirty) masterpiece that had me philosophizing in rapture... and the hours flew by!

Anuja, our other girlfriends, and I had lunch at Lahiere's, a chic little place that made us feel quite sophisticated. We wandered the cute shops in Princeton until it monsooned on us, but even then we were happy to just to watch the rain and take turns dancing in it under my bright pink umbrella. The water felt so good, and we all wanted to kick off our shoes and run around like kids again.

Later, we headed back to Anuja's for some chocolate mousse cake, Sex and The City, Sri Lankan dinner, and lots of catching up. The only icky part of the day was getting off the train coming home and stepping straight into a foot-tall puddle in the parking lot. I was drenched to my ankles, four-inch espadrilles and all! Strangely enough, it was incredibly refreshing (though I try not to think about the germs!). Maybe it's the warming effect of close friends and the combination of rain and trains that made today so memorable, fresh, and fun. I had a lovely Saturday -- did you?


  1. Love this post and makes me realize even more what a great day it was -- especially since you were there! Wouldn't have been the same otherwise :) Come back anytime, you're ALWAYS welcome. And I will definitely be making a trip over there soon!!!


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